Animal Feed

    Tannins and zootechnicals products
    The use of vegetable tannins for animal feed is widely documented in the scientific veterinary literature. Tannins are substances with polyphenolic nature, that can be found under variable amount in almost all the plant species, from which they can be obtained by extraction with water and the following vacuum concentration and spray drying of the raw extracted solution..
    The raw material, according to the cases, can be the wood, the bark, the fruits or the leafs of the different plants.
    Chemical and organoleptic features making tannins attractive for animal feed are their capability to complex proteins, astringency, anti-parasite and germicide properties. Tannins can be used either for cattle and ruminants, or poultry and swine feed.

    We have two types of tannins available for zootechnical field, both manufactured by our represented agency Unitan:

    MGM-S (Specific for ruminants)

    It is a vegetable tannin extracted by Qubreacho Colorado and it has the following properties:

    • Decrease of proteins’ rumen degradability ( by-pass effect)
    • Reduction of tympanism risk
    • Action of intestinal pesticide
    • Reduction of methane emissions
    MGM-AVES (Specific for birds)

    It is a vegetable tannin extracted by Qubreacho Colorado with features more specific for poultry farming:

    • Reduction of salmonella risk in eggs and intestine
    • More strength of eggshells
    • Dryer manure

    These products are available both as powder and as microgranular form.

    Packaging: 25 kgs bags and 800 kgs big bags

    Thanks to a partnership with Lanxess we can offer the following zootechnical additives with original brand:

    Rovelan (calcium formate)

    Multifunctional digestive feed additive.

    Powder product: 25 kgs bags and 1,000 kgs big bags

    Antiket (propylene glycol)

    It is used for ketosis prevention and also as energetic carrier in the diet of fattening cattle, pigs and broiler chickens.

    ANTIKET-P powder product : 30 kgs bags
    ANTIKET liquid product : 215 kgs drums and 1,000 kgs tanks.

    Given to the long collaboration of Figli di Guido Lapi with the leading manufacturing firms, we can offer also other products for the zootechnical field:

    • Glycerine
    • Natural Olis
    • other products on demand