Colatan GT-4

    The use of tannins in oenology is historically well known, thanks to the important properties that these natural substances may transfer in wines and the benefits that can be obtained, also in vineyard treatments.

    Available from our represented firm Unitan, COLATAN GT-4© is a 100% natural product approved for oenology, based on vegetable tannins and obtained from the Quebracho Colorado tree, growing solely in northern Argentina.

    Thanks to its unique characteristics COLATAN GT-4© gives wines particular features that other tannins are not able to show, such as:

    — Colour: COLATAN GT-4© is able to enhance and stabilize red colour, while reducing browning tendency.

    — Astringency: the product has been designed to give wines the typical astringency coming from an oak barrel ageing (boisage).

    — Clarification: COLATAN GT-4© promotes hte precipitation of soluble proteins, thus improving clarification and allowing to obtain both red and white wines perfectly clear and with a high quality standard.

    — Reactivity with sulphur compounds: COLATAN GT-4© is an excellent aid for absorption of sulphur dioxide and thiols/mercaptans arising from fermentation.

    Products available either in powder or granular form.

    Packaging: 25 kg bags on 1000 kg pallets (net weight)

    Other available products:

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    Vegetan CE-ENO: Chestnut tannin extract, alcohol based

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    Techincal specifications are available by requests at info@fglapi.it


    In partnership with our sister company Lapi Gelatine S.p.A. a range of hydrolized gelatins for oenology has been developed:


    • Pork Gelatin
    • Pork Gelatin solution 15 and 30%
    • Fish Gelatin
    • Fish Gelatin Organic
    • Bovine Gelatin


    Other products available upon request, contact us by mail, info@fglapi.it