Paint and Wood

    The natural antioxidant, antibacterial and fungicide properties of tannins are well known also for the surface treatments of different materials, such as wood and iron. Two specific products are available from our represented firm Unitan.

    Colatan IPG

    A liquid product to be used as preservative agent for wood treatment, allowing a good resistence against insects, fungi and parasites attack in general. Suitable both for industrial treatment under pressure in autoclaves and for products bricolage use.

    Vegetan RR

    A liquid product to be used as rust converter, antioxidant and protective for iron surfaces. Tannins contained in the product are able to bind themselves to iron, preventing its oxidation and rusting. Vegetan RR is a rusto converter much more effective than similar products based on resins or fiming agents, which only form a rigid film over surfaces, that is subjected to cracking and gradually declining at a later time.