Chemicals for sole leather

    FIGLI DI GUIDO LAPI has developed a range of technical products for vegetable tanning and in particular for sole leather manufacturing, thanks to its know-how and its 60 years of experience and reliability in this field.

    The SOLE SOLUTION is the complete range of products for tanneries and sole leather tanneries.

    • SOLELIME: auxiliaries for soaking and liming
    • SOLESIN: syntans ( synthetic tannins)
    • SOLEOL: oils and fatliquors
    • SOLEX: auxiliaries for tanning and retanning

    Hereunder you will find the features of the main products.

    Please get in touch with us for further information.

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    EUROCROM line is also available. EUROCROM is a basic chrome sulphate from European production, with an organic reduction and two different basicity grades.