The Figli di Guido Lapi

    Figli di Guido Lapi has always focused its core business on vegetable tannins, covering all the different processes of tannery industries.

    The firm plays a prime role as supplier of the whole range of vegetable extracts and tannins.

    Alongside the historic brands represented by FIGLI DI GUIDO LAPI , which have been the backbone of the firm since its establishment, in particular:

    • QUEBRACHO CROWN EXTRACTS (manufactured by Unitan, Argentina)
    • EXTRACTS OF MIMOSA ME, FS, GS and other particular types (manufactured in South Africa)
    • SPECIAL RETAN EXTRACTS (manufactured by SCRD Société Commercial Raoul Duval et

    The agency for Tara Powder, manufactured by the global leader Exandal (U.S.A.), has been recently obtained to further increase the availability of vegetable extracts.

    Among the wide range of FIGLI DI GUIDO LAPI products we find also all the other extracts and vegetables involved in tanning industry:






    Special Vegetable Tannins

    The main tannins are available both powder and liquid.

    Other liquid extracts are available on request, as well as specific mixtures of powder tannins.

    Thanks to the warehouses located in the three Italian leather districts (Santa Croce sull’Arno, Arzignano and Solofra), the latter being stocked up by the headquarter in Castelfranco di Sotto, FIGLI DI GUIDO LAPI is able to supply the complete range of vegetable products to its clients in a widespread and customized way.

    The real added value resulting from the cooperation with FIGLI DI GUIDO LAPI is given by the Technical Assistance, the Experimental Tannery and the Lab.