Our History

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    Our history
    In 1928 the young Guido Lapi acquired for his firm in Santa Croce sull’Arno, the sub-agency of Forestal London, which produced and commercialized mimosa and quebracho tannins worldwide movie affinity.

    Guido was Francesco’s son, the forefather of the industrial future of Lapi Group, who in 1884 opened a factory of matches in Santa Croce.

    The partnership with Forestal London, which developed and increased in the following times, has been one of the mainstay of the future FIGLI DI GUIDO LAPI , which would have been opened in the year 1951 by the three Guido’s sons, Francesco, Mario and Dino 콜오브듀티1 다운로드. In 2011 FIGLI DI GUIDO LAPI celebrated its first 60 years together with the other firms of Lapi group.

     That’s the reason why the vegetable way… is our natural way 파워포인트 무료 템플릿 다운로드!

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