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    Customer Assistance

      Figli di Guido Lapi has always addressed the major resources to the quality of its customer assistance service, which has an importance equal to the one of products.

      High qualified technicians are willing to support, control the industrial production and to collaborate with customers to solve eventual problems during their manufacturing processes.

      For our customers it is really an out-and-out added value.

      Pilot Tannery

        In our experimental pilot tannery we test products, in order to ensure the suitability to the industrial processes. We also develop recipes in order to satisfy particular requests made by customers.

        The experimental tannery is strictly linked to the R&D lab activities, in order to monitor and guarantee the validity of our products’ results.

        Chemical Lab

          In our chemical lab we run every type of analysis, test and control in order to ensure high-quality products and the conformity to the specifications of FIGLI DI GUIDO LAPI products.

          Moreover we have the equipment necessary to make a wide range of chemical/physical tests on leather, products and processes. These tests are made in order to validate the results obtained by the experimental tannery or to support the research of solutions for production problems experienced by customers.

          Industrial group

          Figli di Guido Lapi has always focused its core business on vegetable tannins, covering all the different processes of tannery industries.


          LAPI GROUP

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