Auxiliaries for soaking and liming

    SOLELIME products list includes auxiliaries for soaking and liming phases of the tanning process, suitable and specific for sole leather production. Several formulations are available, such as surfactants, soaking and wetting agents, enzymatic bates, anti-wrinkling agents etc.

    Solelime B11
    surfactants based products

    Solelime E50
    ethoxylated fatty alchols soaking agent

    Solelime L/63
    degreasing product, based on anionic and non-ionic surfactants

    Solelime RBE
    enzymatic wetting back agent

    Solelime NX
    auxiliary product for liming

    Solelime C-2
    pancreatic bate

    Solelime CR-6
    pancreatic bate

    Solelime AR
    organic anti-wrinkling agent

    All informations reported in the present description are of general character. The use of our products should be anyway adjusted.