A tour just done visiting the 4 chemical companies and the 2 production factories of Lapi Group: students from the high schools “Istituto Ferraris Brunelleschi” of Empoli and “Istituto Tecnico Cattaneo” of San Miniato were welcomed in the Lapi Group facilities at Castelfanco, Ponte a Egola and Empoli.

Figli di Guido Lapi opened again the doors of its plant on occasion of the 2019 edition of Fabbriche Aperte – Open Plants, the aim was “let students to see concretely and with their eyes what they’ve studied on books at school till now”. Girls and boys showed a lot of interest on the details and curiosities about vegetable tanned leather, sole leather and tannins, which were presented like a “tit for tat, and touch!”. And they also appreciated a lot (and polished off!) the breakfast we offered.